Marketing is fundamental to any business – and proper marketing can be the difference between success and failure in business. Any product or service-based business needs to improve their understanding of customer demographics to maximize their marketing efforts.

This basic concept in marketing has passed the test of time. Businesses that survive in the long term know who their audience is, and the best ways to turn them into customers. And social media and digital advertising has made it even easier to target that audience!

Precisely makes that easy for eCommerce sellers on the Amazon platform. Connecting the powerful demographic tool to your Amazon account will provide you instant insights into your audience – and set you on the right path to optimizing your customer acquisition process.

Understanding who your customer is improves your marketing and give you the best return on your advertising dollars. Here are four important reasons why you need a better understanding of your customer demographics today!

Crafting the Right Message for Your Audience

Your message is the central aspect of any good marketing campaign. But using the wrong message can result in terrible campaign performance. Demographic groups vary, and while one group my respond will to one message – another may feel turned off or disconnected.

Analyzing ever aspect of your customer base will help you segment your marketing efforts and result in a better overall return. Gender, income, cultural, ethnic and even language will respond differently to your marketing. Creating the right creative for each of these segments will be key.

It is important to be knowledgeable, or get informed by those who are knowledgeable, about what will be an appealing message for each market segment. Avoiding stereotypes is extremely important. Don’t believe things that have been passed as common knowledge to be true. There is no way to offend or turn off an audience faster than marketing to a false picture of how they really are.

Reaching Your Customers, the Right Way

The way your marketing message is delivered to your customer segments is also hugely important. Different media and platforms are used by different demographic groups – and the platforms they use is continually changing. Facebook, for example, used to be a great platform to reach all demographics. But now, younger audiences are turning away from the platform to others like Instagram.

Because of the differences in media consumption from segment to segment, you may need to establish a marketing plan that can reach customers on multiple fronts. Facebook provides incredible demographic targeting abilities, but other 3rd party ad networks and even websites have incredible demographic information on their users.

Constantly be on the look-out for new platforms and ways to reach your target audience.

Maximizing Your Advertising Budget

One factor that can make or break a campaign is how costly the marketing is. eCommerce businesses need to be nimble and maximize every advertising dollar they have in their sometimes-limited budgets. Understanding your customer demographics can help you reduce unnecessary advertising spend, shift your budget to your most profitable market segment and utilize new marketing techniques to keep customers coming back.

Effective advertising utilizing the right message and medium will bring down your advertising costs quickly. Constant testing will be required to maximize your budget in full, but simply improving how you reach your customers will lead to an instant improvement in your marketing spend.

Identifying New Marketing Opportunities

Being knowledgeable of your customer demographics can also help you identify areas to strengthen or improve your overall marketing strategy. Established consumer product good companies may already have an idea of who their traditional audience is for retail sales – but that audience could differ drastically to eCommerce shoppers. Therefore, creating a message that only the traditional base can connect with could be leaving huge profits on the table for your eCommerce segment.

Not marketing to all the audiences that enjoy your product is leaving huge profits on the table. Marketing in a way that can also engage with your audience and get their feedback can help you identify even more opportunities.

Partnerships with the right influencers or companies could provide even further exposure for your products. The new marketing possibilities you can discover are almost limitless. But not knowing who your customer is, and how to connect to them will keep all those doors closed to you.

Start Understanding Your Customer Demographics Today

Marketing is an area that business owners can constantly be improving in. Efficiently marketing to your audiences will be the difference between giving money away and successfully growing your business to new levels. Knowing your customer demographics can be your key to improving your marketing today.

Amazon sellers now have a new advantage that can get on their competition. Using Precisely to help improve your marketing and direct traffic where you want will increase your total eCommerce sales. Crafting the right message, reaching the customer on the right media and maximize your advertising budget can help small sellers compete with established brands like never before.

Improving your understanding of customer demographics is the way you can differentiate your business for your competition. Starting today with Precisely will give you the advantage you need.